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There's a famous quote from legendary marketer and department store owner John Wanamaker that goes like this:

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is I don't know which half.

That was in the pre-Internet days and now the situation is compounded. Because online marketing is viewed as being free or nearly free, most business owners waste as much as 85% of their marketing budget on marketing that doesn't work.

So what's the solution? Sales Acceleration is a method of actually selling more of your products or services by marketing less. By applying our proprietary Sales Acceleration Diagnostic Tool, we identify just the few most productive marketing strategies you should focus on and which other strategies to eliminate immediately. This results in you investing significantly less time and money to increase your sales in the following areas:

  • Generate more traffic — and higher quality traffic
  • Convert a higher percentage of prospects to paying customers
  • Turn more single-sale customers into loyal, repeat customers
  • Increase the dollar amount of the majority of purchases your customers make
  • Create a steady, reliable stream of high quality referrals

Our proprietary Sales Acceleration Diagnostic Tool will quickly identify the most productive strategies to apply in each of these areas, many of which you're currently overlooking. Then we'll help you leverage them to rapidly accelerate your sales.

Plus, our pay only for results guarantee removes all the risk on your part, since you only pay for our services once they've produced measurable results. We require a modest retainer to begin work, then the balance of our fee is paid only after you've banked your profits. Is it any wonder then, that our satisfied clients report results like these:

"The tactics you gave me for increasing the number of people who join our list worked really well. While you promised an increase of at least 30%, we did much better than that with a total increase in opt-ins of 170%. And because these tactics are put in place permanently, this growth should continue for quite some time."
Dr. Lorne Brown, President
Pro D Seminars
"Your techniques are powerful and different than other marketing experts' approaches. When you told me you had a lead generation strategy that could produce response as high as 70%, I have to admit I was skeptical. But once I tested it, it worked even better for me than you said it would — generating a perfect 100% response rate. And it's continued to work every time I've used it. The payoff from your techniques quickly offsets the investment to work with you, so using your services puts me in a 'better than free' position."
Dr. Charles DeBettignies, CEO
Gainsharing, Inc.
"The excellent ideas you gave me on positioning and pricing increased my profits on the program I offered by $78,000. Plus, since I offer this program several times a year, I keep collecting those additional profits over and over. Thank you!"
Darren Hardy
Publisher SUCCESS Magazine & CEO Mentor

We'd be happy to run our Sales Acceleration Diagnostic Tool for your business at no cost and let you know which areas of your marketing hold the most potential for significantly increasing your sales. To request a complimentary Sales Acceleration Diagnostic Session, just fill in the fields below and click "submit" when you've finished.

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